I use a pallete knife for the creation of an abstract impasto oil paintings

why do I paint and what do the paintings mean to me?
to me, it’s the same way of expressing as music, poetry or photocollage at a time when photography is capable of recording almost everything, when millions of shots are taken every day, the painting create much more … it forces me to give each picture a lot of time, thinking before the image will be created … so why are my paintings different? there are thousands and thousands of gifted people capable of capturing reality with a pencil, a brush, all possible techniques – a visual pathway is a shortcut for me, just a personification and metaphor in poetry unlock meaning, my images are a lyrical representation of an epic theme, a hint for anyone who does not want a single view. .. clustering the dense ideas and transferring them in the simplest form to rest and penetrate – that’s my goal … nothing more, nothing less … nothing else …

Jan Hendryk

The power of art is not communication, but effect.
When you sit down to a good meal you don’t ask, “What does it mean?”
You taste it, you enjoy it, you consume it, it goes deep inside and nourishes you and makes you feel better. It helps keep you alive.
That’s what good art does.
Walter Darby Bannard